Starry Night Sky, Fir Trees with Bear
Starry Night Sky, Fir Trees with Bear
Starry Night Sky, Fir Trees with Bear
Starry Night Sky, Fir Trees with Bear
Starry Night Sky, Fir Trees with Bear
Starry Night Sky, Fir Trees with Bear

Starry Night Sky, Fir Trees with Bear

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  • 💦  6 year, exterior grade/water proof vinyl.
  • 💪 Durable materials. Highly detailed image. 
  • 💚 Designed and manufactured in USA.
  • 👍 Perfect for Cars, Trucks, Camping Vans and so much more. 

Customer Reviews

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John K.

Hello, I received the decal promptly and watched the videos and carefully measured, marked and then taped and applied the decal as demonstrated. Somehow, I lost a few trees and the bear was cleanly cut down the middle. I crunched up the debris in a moment of defeat, before I could take a picture of the bear. I suspect that the down the middle cut bear was not my fault, the missing and broken trees may have been from me using the squeegee to frimly or who knows what. I haven't appplied these type of stickers before so I am no pro and some application error may be the cause.....Have you had other complaints from this batch that went out about the same time, did you discover some issue that would have the bear sliced down the middle? I now have a decal, without a bear, and a wife who thinks I am a big decal installer loser. As a woodworker and craftsman I am pretty good with my hands so I have to say that maybe, just maybe, there was an issue with my decals. Either way, it's a sticker, thats what I keep telling my wife. I think it looks pretty good. She wants a friggin bear. Any chance you can send me just the bear or a new decal to try AGAIN? If not, no worries, the campfire will still get lit and the steelhead will still bite as we bump along the northwest with my van and a pretty cool siicker without the bear. HAve a good summer. John

Pamela B.
Awesome addition!

I bought decals for the door of my old RV, they look awesome! Still have one to apply, the cabin on the side of RV. Easy to do!

Deborah G.
Perfect Fit

I've been looking for a decal for my gas tank door, and this little bear in the trees is just right! I was afraid it would be difficult to apply with all the little branches and stars, but it went on perfectly! My car is dark gray, so I went for black decals, which I love. Visible, but subtle. Very pleased with this purchase.

Mike B.
Very Nice

I was very happy with my order , nothing negative to say here.

Rich B.
Nice Decals!

Awesome vinyl decals that have great color and we’re easy to apply. I had them make a custom horse decal that turned out exactly how I wanted. Will be ordering more!

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Oracal 651 vinyl is durable, reliable, easy to work with and one of the most popular widely used matterials on the market!

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