How do I know if I should apply my decal wet or dry? 

Considering every decal and vehicle are unique, the installation needs to be assessed on an individual basis, but for larger vehicle graphics, we suggest using the "wet method."  (applying your decal with the use of an application solution)

My decal isn't peeling off the paper backing well, what do I do?

Fine points and small dots are notorious for not wanting to stick to the transfer tape because there's so little surface area to adhere to. You'll need a squeegee or squeegee substitute on hand to burnish down the decal once more before trying to peel again, applying that pressure will encourage the tape to better adhere to the vinyl. When peeling, go slow, keep an eye on the vinyl and as soon as you see some part not sticking to the transfer tape apply the pressure over the top of the spot then attempt the peel again. If for some reason that still isn't getting the vinyl off it's paper backing you can use your nail or an exacto to tease the vinyl off the paper just enough to get it to stick to the transfer tape. 

Can it be too hot or too cold outside to install these?

Yes! If you're doing a wet install you'll want to avoid applying this if it's over about 85 degrees (F) or if it's it's below around 40 degrees. If it's a truly hot and miserable day we'd advise wait until it cools a bit for a dry install as well. High heat can mess with the adhesive. 

What if I mess up on the installation and need new decals?

Even experience installers can kill a decal on occasion, don't feel bad! Our replacement policy is to send a new decal at 30% of the original price.  Basically it just covers our cost of production. To take advantage of our return policy simply email us at info@finishingtouchvinylart.com to let us know you need a replacement. We'll email you an invoice with the 70% discount already applied. 

My decal will be going across my front and back doors, how to cut the decal between the doors?

You'll want to complete the install across the doors prior to cutting the decal. Once it's dry and the masking has been removed use a sharp blade to slice the decal between the gaps of the door. Smooth down the edges with you finger and you're done. 

Will my decals hurt the paint on my vehicle?

No, absolutely not. The only time these pose a risk to your paint is if it's BRAND NEW paint, in which case, give it a good week to dry before applying decals, or if it's already peeling. 

Are decals easy to remove?

Easy? No, not easy but definitely possible. This vinyl is designed to stick come rain come shine so they can be removed but it will take some effort. When the time comes to remove your decal a heat gun will help break down the adhesive to easy the removal process. A hair dryer will work too. 

How do I wash my decals?

These will handle carwashes very well. The only thing we'd advise against is scrubbing it vigorously with a rag so as to avoid getting the little fine fibers under the edges of the vinyl or peeling up the tiny fine points of the pine trees (or any other fine points!)

How do I decide what size and color decals will look best on my vehicle?

This is a tough one for us to answer, it really comes down to personal taste. We always advise people measure the area they'd like to see covered and order accordingly. I can say though we've had a lot more people say they wish they had ordered it larger than smaller. 

How long will my decals last outdoors in harsh weather conditions?

We use an exterior grade vinyl designed with fleet vehicles in mind. That said it's designed to hold up in all weather conditions. Installation is the only time the weather will be a factor. The advertised life span of the vinyl is between 4 and 6 years. It'll last beyond then, but as it ages it will only get more difficult to remove. 

How do I create a custom decal?

You can email us at info@finishingtouchvinylart.com to get the conversation started. Or, if you have your own design you can email it to us at that same address. Our preferred file type is .eps, though we can work with .svg as well.